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Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Very 1st "JouRnEy"

On __/__/2010(Fill in the blank with suitable answer sebab dah lupa bila), I went to Perpustakaan Kanak-Kanak Pulau Pinang to take other school's examination papers that I asked from my friend. We decided to leave because dah penat after having a study group for few hours there. I waited for the bus for quiet a long time.

Where I am:
10 minutes later = bus stop
20 minutes later = bus stop
30 minutes later = bus never stops. TING! Something crossed my mind, JALAN KAKI BALIK lah.

                                                                  Pictures Captured
Penang Turf Club


OMG!! Look at that,Golf GTI!!

Thank You Thank You. =)


So Cute...


The View

Finally,I reached my house and I ended up exactly like this

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